Month: June 2014

Darlene Glover & Dean Ray

Darlene Glover ( and musician Dean Ray ( are in-studio talking sex and music, camping, celebrity apologies, and prison. Havoc has some more What’s Up and Dean sings a medley. Time to listen in!

Leslie Greentree & Blaine Newton

Playwrights Leslie Greentree & Blaine Newton join the DBF crew to talk about shirtless men, motorcycles, writing, acting, tipping, bugs, and Corey Hart.

Peter Michaels & Ryan Marchant

Program Director for 106.7 The Drive, Peter Michaels, and Oldbury guitarist Ryan Marchant joint Foui, Havoc, and Mark for conversation about the Amish, project cars, and the music industry. What’s Up with Havoc is derailed by even more music industry talk.