Month: October 2014

The Dirrty Show – Pre-Australia

Prior to going Down……Under, Kayla and Melody, The Dirrty Show, join us DBF boys in-studio for a little Dirrty talk and Dirrty looks. It all starts with a mouse in the house…and that’s not a Dirrty innuendo.

Season 3 Opener with Oldbury!

Death by Foui is back for a THIRD SEASON…inconceivable! Oldbury is in studio and the discussion starts off with old underwear. This will be burned into your memory forever if you turn up your eardrums.

Tail Creek with The Wild! and Tony from 98.9 Zed FM

It’s the Season 3 Pre-Show including interviews from Tail Creek Mud and Music Festival with The Wild! and Tony from 98.9 Zed FM. Season 3 kicks off with Oldbury and launches into orbit Oct. 27, 2014.