Month: February 2015

Carl Stretton and Jesse Roads Band

Season 3 Episode 14

Havoc is back from his debauchery in Vegas, so we obviously have to discuss that for a while, however the entire point of this podcast is to listen to Jesse Roads play his Gilmore Guitar. He forgot to mention it, so I promised him that I would put it in the description. It all starts with a great sounding sound check!

Richard Dowling and Becky Murray

Season 3 Episode 13

Richard (Chedda’ Heads) and Becky (The Bex Factor) nervously join the DBF team – sans Havoc – for discussion about paperwork, urinal privacy, and charity donations. Havoc (and Jeff Talbot) drunk calls from Vegas and Mark fills the vacant What’s Up chair with a suspended 9 year-old and a 5,300 year-old corpse. Context is everything, so take a listen.

Jim’s Toolbox

Season 3 Episode 12

Justin, Shanon, and Joe – Jim’s Toolbox – makes some great noise in the DBF studio…they play some music as well. The discussion revolves around airport security, vehicle registration, and zombie cats. Zombie cats? Yes. Zombie cats. I’m not making this up, so listen in if you don’t believe it!