Month: March 2015

Joe and Jo and Peter Wahl

Season 3 Episode 19

Social-media moguls Joe Whitbread and Jo Phillips sit in along with local musician, Peter Wahl, on what is probably one of the more somber episodes of Death by Foui (though not entirely). There is some dark talk and some really sad local news – our sympathies to those involved.

Master Chefs

Season 3 Episode 17

The crew from Dora’s Rocky Mountain Roadhouse, Dora Cote, Carly Tennant, and Sarah Dobson, roll into the DBF studio with tales from Masterchef Canada and news of the restaurant biz in RMH. This one’s a rollicking good time…especially when Havoc gets roasted. Download it now!

Justin Mundy and Carla Rider

Season 3 Episode 18

Local musician, Justin Mundy, and Big 105.5 DJ, Carla Rider, are in-studio to discuss Employee-of-the-Month issues, Chappie, and beards. Tune in to this episode for one of the most creative versions of “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” that you’re ever likely to hear!

The Well Witchers

Season 3 Episode 16

Packed like sardines into the DBF Studio, it’s The Well Witchers! It’s a chaotic one point five hours of great music and talk that revolves around peeing in garbage cans, making love with your iPad, and of course we have to pay homage to Leonard Nimoy. Listen long and prosper!

Sean and Edward McIntyre and Ryan Marchant

Season 3 Episode 15

Mayor of Sylvan Lake, Sean McIntyre, and brother, Edward McIntyre, sit in with the DBF Boyz and Ryan Marchant to make some cool Sylvan Lake announcements and to discuss how to feed kids and whether alcohol should be inhaled or not. Weird description? I blame pain meds. Enjoy it anyway!