Month: November 2015

Dylan Cave and Sean Draper

Season 4 Episode 7

Dylan Cave from Red Boar Smokery and Sean Draper from To The Lost sit in to discuss their businesses, winter driving, comedy, and play a new game called Booze or Move. Check it out!

Dusty Tucker

Season 4 Episode 6

Dusty Tucker crams into the DBF studio where we discuss Paris and ISIS and the drastic changes to music over the decades. The band does some fantastic acoustic songs from their new album, so definitely take a listen to those!

Deren and Lars – Of Thorn and Vine Promotions

Season 4 Episode 5

In this season’s 5th episode, we discuss the Red Deer music scene with promotional company Of Thorn and Vine Promotions. Other topics include Remembrance Day, bomb threats, and of course there’s more What’s Up? with Havoc!

Jeff Rock and Kayla Williams

Season 4 Episode 4

Jeff Rock is back to discuss the recent federal election and a lot…we mean a LOT…of other political opinions. Kayla Williams in non-Dirrty-Show-mode is our lovely musical guest that prevents this episode from being a huge sausage fest!

CPL Jay Clause and Ryan Marchant

Season 4 Episode 3

Ryan Marchant joins us for a record sixth time and CPL Jay Clause of SLAM Fitness for his first podcast ever. We discuss fitness, traffic tickets, and Ryan’s new project…professional jam space for Red Deer! Listen in people!