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A special note from dbfwebmaster (aka Mark)

Before you proceed to the DBF blogs, you should be warned that we planned to use them far more often. Alas, it has mostly lain around collecting dust and spam.

It's a Wordpress blog and I have stated on far more than one occasion that I freaking HATE Wordpress, so I barely touch the damn thing. I may, eventually, come up with a light-weight, PHP-based blog to incorporate directly into this new site (2015 'new'). However, that is unlikely to happen since I mostly just built this website to kill time, not to actually improve my web-coding skills...that I always forget and have to re-learn every time I build a new site.

Am I rambling? I am rambling. It's all to distract you away from the DBF blogs...what on earth is that behind you???

Go ahead. Go to the blogs. See if I care.

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