Category: Season 4

Season 4 Finale!

Season 4 Episode 25

A guest filled finale! Quan Diep from True Channel Entertainment, local comedian Adam Mac, Joe Sylvan Lake, and Brad Abel plays us some tunes! An epic show not to be missed!

The 420 Show!

Season 4 Episode 24

Andee and Nicole from Gord’s Smokeshop, and Justin from Jim’s Toolbox join us to celebrate 420 and talk about laws, stigmas, and pretty much everything green related.. And Justin sings some songs!

Luke “The Sandman” Spicer

Season 4 Episode 23

MMA Fighter and Motivational Speaker Luke Spicer shares some great stories about fighting, training, and more! Wiklund Vs Wilkund play some tunes!

Tara Veer and Randi Boulton

Season 4 Episode 22

Mayor of Red Deer Tara Veer joins us to talk about the city, and Randi Boulton plays us some great tunes!

Roses and Smoke

Season 4 Episode 21

Paeton and Kaylee play us some songs and chat about bomb sniffing dogs, the rock’n roll hall of fame and more!

Jo(e) Social Media Inc

Season 4 Episode 20

Joe and Jo from Jo(e) Social Media Inc. join us to discuss promotion, naming penguins, honey petitions, Hulk Hogan, and more!

Shiv Shanks

Season 4 Episode 19

Shiv Shanks rocks his way into the studio to belt out some tunes and talk about his new album, vigilantes, concealed weapons, aliens and more!

Rhyean Hylands

Season 4 Episode 18

Former radio host and current social media wizard Rhyean Hylands pops into the studio to discuss texting and walking, Batman, the Biebs, and more!

Greg Meacham

Season 4 Episode 17

Veteran sports writer/blogger Greg Meacham drops in to discuss Sports (of course), hacker wars, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, jailyard beatdowns and more!

Jesse Roads Band

Season 4 Episode 16

Jesse and Sam from the Jesse Roads Band invade the studio to play us a few tunes and chat about space travel, old rock stars with hearing problems, and more!