Wiklund VS Wiklund

Season 7 Episode 17

Wiklund VS Wiklund! One of the most prominent, successful bands in Central Alberta join the DBF Podcast to talk, past, present and the future of the Red Deer duo. Not to mention play a song off of their new record Love Aches AND something from a future release. Such a fun conversation! Catch this episode and others on iTunes, subscribe to deathbyfoui, or deathbyfoui.com and thank you for your support. This episode brought to you by Gord’s Smoke Shop in Red Deer and the Plumbineers, Red Deer’s honest and fair plumbers

3 comments on “Wiklund VS Wiklund

  1. Gloria Wiklund says:

    Loved your podcast! Might be a little biased but really enjoyed the easy interview style. Like sitting in your living room. Interesting questions, some thought provoking. Great at digging out the history and enquiring about living everyday life. Awesome!
    Hey Deje and Mel, love the new single!

  2. Susan says:

    Absolutely enjoyed listening to this podcast! As the other Momma of this duo, I too am a little biased.
    I really enjoyed the relaxed interview style and the easygoing way that the kids responded. The questions were a great way of delving into the early beginnings of their musical career for those that do not know anything about Wiklund vs Wiklund.
    Love the new song, Mel and Dan.

  3. sheila babineau says:

    These guys are always interesting and entertaining.

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